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White Echo provides clients all around the world with the education required to engage in digital media. Engaging in this space is vital to any brand; it helps build rapport, trust and attract revenue. We all know Twitter is a wonderful source of engagement. Its instant communication tool allows for people all around the world to network, engage and deliver viral information in a second. There is one problem though; Auto Direct Messages (DM’s). Has anyone received this message “Hey, I just added you to my Mafia family” via a DM? In our opinion, this is spam. Twitter has worked tirelessly to provide a platform that has little if any spam. And there is so much talk out there regarding spam within Twitter and I believe 90% of it is about Auto DM’s. White Echo recently followed someone to find out that within minutes they had already sent back a DM. Great response, perfect way to engage but there was one problem; the message started out by saying “Hey White, click on this link….” Great, thanks for that, but who is White? Our name is White Echo. There are many software programs out there that allow you to setup an Auto DM to someone who starts following you. In this case, the Auto DM setup in this software would only detect our first name of the account, not our Twitter handle. The bottom line is that this person was too lazy to send a personal DM and therefore we would rather “unfollow” this person than interact with them. I believe this is one area that is tearing away the real privacy option available on Twitter. Direct Messages are a wonderful asset that allows for you to interact with someone who you’re following and in return is following you. Auto DM’s are becoming increasingly annoying and we believe it’s taking away the trust element associated with sending a DM to someone. Twitter, I feel, needs to act and act fast. Engage with someone, but don’t setup an Auto DM. How hard is it to send them a personalised DM with a link to your website, or simply say “Thanks for the follow, really appreciate it”? Most Auto DMs sell sell sell. Well our response is, unfollow, unfollow, unfollow. Let’s see how good they are at selling then! White Echo is a Social Media Consultancy company that works 24/7 because that’s what social media demands. If you ever need any assistance or support, please don’t hesitate to visit us at @JeffWhite34
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  1. Sandi says:

    I completely agree. Auto DM’s pretty much receive an auto unfollow from me – nothing more annoying. All I think is; imagine what their tweets will be like, if they are already spamming me with DM’s…

  2. Hi think you got it completely spot on with one of your last statements Jeff. Auto DM’s are for people who are in it for a quick buck and don’t get that it’s all about interaction with others

  3. Lauren Day says:

    I agree! Some people/companies just have no idea how annoying a robotic DM is to the average twitter user. Great article Jeff! Twitter really needs to step up to the plate on this one & stop Automatic DMs before its too late…

  4. Complete disregard and understanding of social media…

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