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Sponsored Echo's

This morning, White Echo launched a new element within their business package – Sponsored Echo’s. And before I tell you what they are, let me first tell you why they’re so good.

We all know that word of mouth has, and will always be, one of the most effective and powerful advertising tools around. Tracey Coleman, Director of Soup Marketing Agency, recently said, “I don’t need to tell you that word of mouth is the most effective way to market your business. It’s something we know inherently, but it’s often seen as an almost ephemeral force over which your business has no control. The truth is you can harness word of mouth and ignite it even." 

At White Echo, we’ve always known this. We’ve always known the power within social media to act as a marketing tool that evolves word of mouth into world of mouth – because one tweet can make a difference. Or a sale. Or boost follower numbers. And brand awareness. And company loyalty. And we’ve always seen social media as being one big mouth that can either enhance and enrich your business, or entirely drag it down – which is why having a social media presence is important, but having a good one is especially so.

Within the social media sphere, there’s no shortage of people telling others what’s good and what’s not. From a local café, to a store with good service, to a business, to brands – people are constantly plugging places they love and things they buy. And their followers are buying into it too. If one of my Twitter friends recommends a café, I’ll go there. Because I trust their opinion. Because I’ve seen a Twitpic of the food and it looks good. Because they said the service was impeccable. If one of my Twitter friends suggests a good book, I buy it. Because through our previous conversations I know we have the same interests. If one of my Twitter friends buys a new item of clothing, chances are I want it too. But maybe in a different colour.

So what if my favourite sports stars, or celebrities, suggest things to me to? What if they recommend a place to visit, or a piece of clothing to buy, or something to read? Well, naturally, I go there. I buy it. I read it. Because I trust their opinion. Because I want to have a piece of whatever it is they’re having. Because I want to support them. Because, through the power of social media, I feel like I really know them. And am friends with them. And that kind of loyalty is the very fabric that makes social media so special. And so powerful.

Fans and followers live off every word in every tweet from their favourite sports stars and celebrities. It’s the first time in history that fans have been able to directly connect with their idols, without delays in communication or barriers of any sort. And that is what makes word of mouth within social media unique and credible. Added to that, it’s instant. One tweet, recommending one thing, with a reach of thousands and thousands all in a matter of moments.

And that’s what Sponsored Echo’s are – instant tweets advertising and recommending a place, or thing, or brand – specifically tailored to our stable of athletes and celebrities and easily delivered to their thousands of followers who are just waiting, quite honestly hanging, off their every word.

Now is the time to engage. Now is the time to advertise with a method and in a way that gets your business noticed, and not just noticed, but one that gets a following and obvious results and sales from one simple, credible, instant tweet.

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