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Even as an avid user, I would label Tumblr a quiet achiever among its micro-blog peers. It’s not the coolest kid in school (Facebook), or the new girl in class that everyone wants to be friends with (Pinterest), but Tumblr receives consistent straight A’s, eclipsing the teacher’s pet (WordPress) with its dedicated users notching up more than 58 million blogs and over 24 billion posts to date. Tumblr attracts bloggers, brands and pop-culture junkies such as myself, and, depending on what you want to get out of it, can be used to inspire, scrapbook, communicate or even to showcase your portfolio. Tumblr’s dashboard is super user-friendly, which is what attracted me to it in the first place. The last thing you want to have to do is undertake a content management course in order to maintain your blog, it’s meant to be obvious, clean and fun.

Your Tumblr nerve centre - the dashboard.

Once you’ve set up an account, there’s no pressure to churn out your posts — If you’re not ready to publish a post, or want to come back to it later, you can either save as a draft or schedule it in the queue. At the top of the dashboard, you’ll see a series of colorful icons labeled by format: text, photo, video, etc. Depending on what you’re trying to share, the options in each individual post box are really easy to figure out. If you’re not feeling particularly original, you can curate or ‘re-blog’ other Tumblr posts that take your fancy. In-fact, that’s how a whole host cult parody and nostalgia blogs have originated. Just recently one user’s ‘Texts from Hilary’ Tumblr went viral to the point that Secretary Clinton herself couldn’t help but get in on the act. Tumblr has a series of tags, which you can view in Explore, that narrow down individual posts by different interests — for example art, humor, music, fashion and television. Once you’ve successfully navigated the basics, take your Tumblr in your pocket with the platform’s free mobile app — available for iOS and Android. That’s it for our crash course in starting out on Tumblr. If you have any advice for first time Tumblrs, leave a comment below. Until then, let’s take a look at Tumblr by the numbers; fun facts.

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