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Welcome to our very first “Your Echo” piece by White Echo. Every week White Echo will be providing an assessment on the digital presence of a company, sporting club, organisation etc – who we  have come across in the digital space. The weekly pieces are designed to provide the recipient feedback on our first impression of their digital space whether thats through their social media platforms, people chatting via social media or their website. In our very first piece we would like to cover Moonee Valley Racing Club. The one thing that stood out in our assessment of their Social Media platforms – currently Twitter and Facebook – was their consistency on both platforms which is really good. What a lot of companies tend to lack when creating a social media platform is consistency. We deliver full time service for 16 clients monthly on a range of different platforms and it’s time consuming but if you can put in place a structure that is engaging for your audience then the battle is half won. Moonee Valley have a good frequency of posts – not too much – highlighting their upcoming events and entertainment at the track. One thing we suggest is to separate the connection between Twitter and Facebook. Both have unique strengths and we see too often companies delivering the same content on both platforms which can look a little lazy. When viewing their posts we noticed links to their website on a number of occasions but when we clicked on this link, the website was very hard to navigate via the smartphone. With the ever growing use of smartphones these days it’s important that companies start adopting smartphone capabilities insuring convenience for viewers to your website. Now compare their current view via to a smartphone demo we put together below:   It’s great to add links to your social media platforms but don’t see that as a job well done, the duration of that post is only half completed if you don’t have a mobile app in place. Let’s now provide each platform some feedback. Facebook We think Moonee Valley Facebook page needs to provide more interaction for fans on Facebook, great amount of likes which is a huge bonus but offering rewards for people checking in via places as an example – currently 16,279 were here – is a great result, but maybe implement a strategy to encourage people to keep checking in, an incentive. They might like to look into some advanced applications for their page like - a Facebook app that is a horse race, insert a little game, pick the winner and go in the draw to win XYZ – these types of things are becoming increasingly popular and they generate huge exposure. They need to update their page to timeline. This will be rolled out come 31st of March so now is a good time to give their fans an opportunity to get use to it and also their staff controlling the page. All in all, the page is going well, people are liking, commenting and interacting but we would like to see a few things implemented to drive this engagement. Twitter First thing we noticed there was the Twitter handle – @MVRC1 This need to be changed and changed quickly. It’s too confusing and no one is going to search for that name or even remember it. May we suggest changing in settings to @MooneeValleyVRC that is currently available. They can also check out other URL names by going to NameChk They have in place a Twitter background – Tick. Profile pic – Tick. Profile filled out – Tick. There seems to be a few Retweet’s but we suggest interacting a little more with the followers. People often don’t have their notifications setup to see when people have rewtweeted their tweets but will always see Replies, so this is one way to engage and receive feedback and interaction from the followers. Another thing that would be really cool to follow would be implementing an instagram account. This can also be implemented for their Facebook inserting an app into the page. Glamor, fashion, fans, horses, entertainment bringing that all to life via pictures through instagram – hottest photo sharing application on the planet today – is a great way to present this for the fans. Our last little tip would be to implement a keyword tracking platform to research the conversations occurring instantly via Twitter. Twitter is a keyword platform offering unique ways to track conversation via hastags and keywords. Moonee Valley should implement an online social media management platform such as Sprout Social. This social media management tool will not only offer them fantastic reporting for Facebook and Twitter, but it will also allow them to track conversations instantly via a cool feature named “Discovery”. This would provide that “element of surprise” for fans discussing Moonee Valley but more importantly provide Moonee Valley a great opportunity to track conversations and interact directly with fans instantly. We hope Moonee Valley appreciates our feedback. Our first impression of their social media was really good. It was consistent, it was interesting and provided their fans many opportunities to engage with their brand. We wish Moonee Valley all the best in the future with their social media.   White Echo gives Moonee Valley a Social Media rating of: 7/10   If you would like to have your company assessed by our team or have recently come across a company that either has no presence or would appreciate our feedback, then please send their website address to:  

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