The New iPad: A Little More Resolution, A Little Less Revolution

Authoradmin DateMarch 8th, 2012 CategoryApple

The momentous support behind the iPad has been nothing short of astounding. With 15.4 million sold in last quarter alone, the revolutionary tablet has changed the way many of us work, play and brainstorm. It follows the success of a series of Apple products now synonymous to everyday life. With the launch of the new iPad, Apple purists will be happy to know that the company is sticking to its tried and true formula of success, underlined with the steadfast commitment to being harder, better, faster and stronger. The onslaught of speculations and reviews has been spreading throughout the Internet like wildfire, fanning the anticipation of Apple fans worldwide. Now with the official launch and what has been referred to as Tim Cook’s real test as Apple’s CEO, consumers will have the chance to judge for themselves whether things have taken a turn for better or for worse. Equipped with high-definition graphics, connection to 4G networks and an even faster processor, the new iPad is a seamless changeover from the iPad 2, implementing effective improvements while retaining its best features. However, Australians would have to wait a bit longer to experience the new iPad at its fullest capacity in terms of speed, due to frequency differences with Telstra’s 4G networks, until reconfigurations can be made. Despite the incompatibility, it is set to go on sale in Australia on March 16th. But with the launch of this particular product, it leaves many wondering whether these changes are truly remarkable, or whether Apple has, at the moment, peaked with its revolutionary status, hence the clever ‘resolutionary’ tagline focusing on the clarity of its display. What is your take on Apple’s marketing for the new iPad? Will it retain its status, as Tim Cook states, as the poster-child of the post PC world?  

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