Traditional competitions, are they a thing of the past?

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Reading some tweets over the weekend, watching TV, analysing Facebook and listening to radio I couldn’t help but notice one common thing; businesses are running competitions more and more via Twitter and Facebook than 12 months ago. One that clearly stood out was a Twitter competition by David Jones to win a t-shirt autographed by Miranda Kerr. This tweet was tweeted by Miranda herself, hitting close to 700k people, instantly.

Correct my if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure if David Jones would have implemented this type of marketing 12 months ago. I worked at a radio station for 2 years. Great experience, treasured every minute of it. One of the key focuses for a commercial radio station is giveaways. It’s entertaining, clients love it and your listening audience no doubt increases. Delivering a high listening audience is a wonderful sales tool but is it, along with newspaper and TV, the future for running competitions? Is the Australian public leaning more towards this new form of media – social media – because it’s easier to enter and you can share your experience with friends with a click of a button? Well I believe so and businesses are certainly taking full advantage. In a recent interview with Dorothy Dowling, Best Western’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales said, “More than ever, Best Western’s customers are integrating social media into every part of their personal and professional lives. It’s important that Best Western is delivering every service available via our Facebook page because, in short, that’s where all our customers are.” It’s not only the competition angle that businesses are slowly starting to realise is a powerful way to attract new fans and engage with your current customers directly, but businesses are now more than ever understanding that a tool like a Facebook Page can deliver so much information in one place. And for the ones who are using it properly – like the direct booking feature Facebook application Best Western has inserted - Facebook apps are providing wonderful convenience for the customer. In a big display of the turning circle with the traditional advertising, eleven days ago Nike announced its new Marketing approach for 2012; a 40% reduction in TV & Print Advertising. Two days later, Nike then launched an exciting product that allows its customers to receive information directly from their Nike shoes to their iPhone app allowing them to – you guessed it – share instantly with their friends via social media. Do you think Nike can use this to provide competitions on their social media platforms? Most definitely. Would they have considered running radio/print/TV ads to promote a competition for this 3 years ago? Possibly, but that has now shifted and shifted in a huge way. In an interview on the Piers Morgan show late last year, Gary Vaynerchuk (Twitter) – entrepreneur and along with Amy Jo Martin (Twitter), the leaders in social media strategies – said, “everything is going old school, social media is allowing businesses to interact with customers direct like they did many decades ago, because they actually cared about their customers,” Gary said. “Consumers don’t want to be talked to anymore, their pounded with commercials, print, newspaper articles and billboards they’re actually looking to shop with brands that care about them.” Gary, spot on. It’s certainly an interesting point Gary raises. Are customers leaning more towards the brands that will spend that extra time to reply to a tweet or a comment they have made on their Facebook wall? I think so. And are those consumers more inclined to tell their friends they received a response to a Facebook message they posted on a business wall as opposed to a newspaper ad they noticed? I think so. Why? Because it’s direct marketing and it’s care, not the traditional pounding of messages we’re so used to but are slowly tuning away from. Question: When was the last time you entered a radio/print/TV competition? To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever entered one. It’s not convenient. I’m not going to cut out an ad from newspaper and send my entry off or ring up a radio station because I’ve been listening for 4 hours to hear the secret codeword or text a number listed on a TV screen because I know I’ll receive texts after texts, it’s all inconvenient. It’s messages after messages after messages that consumers are slowly starting to tune out from and the lifecycle of consumer care is slowly starting to shift towards that key brand to customer ingredient; care. Here’s another interesting stat, this from Eric Schmidt – former CEO at Google – “More content is being produced in 48 hours now, than was produced from the beginning of mankind to 2003.” This is another example of why consumers are being pounded with all this information and they are now learning to tune all these messages out. The last 18-20 months has seen an unstable financial economy. People have reserved themselves from spending and when they have, it’s been treated with care. When making that purchase it has come down to one thing; care from the company to make sure the customer gets what they paid for. No short cuts, complete care for the customer. When implementing a social media strategy for our clients, it’s all about 24/7 customer support. What I mean by that is providing our clients every opportunity to respond to their customers when needed. To support those customers and not to hide anything. With social media, you can’t hide and that’s what customers want; honesty, openness and transparency. Businesses more than ever before have a unique opportunity to engage directly with their customers, something that they can’t do via traditional media. I like the way some businesses are using traditional media to promote that they are available via Twitter and Facebook.  This to me once again confirms what I believe is occurring; companies are using social media to run competitions, engage with their customers because the ROI – reach on influence – is more measurable than print, TV and radio. If you would like to find out various ways on how your company can benefit from implementing certain social media platforms, please feel free to contact us: @JeffWhite34 for @WhiteEcho

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