White Echo Team

Jeff White CEO/Founder

Jeff was drafted as the number one pick in the 1994 AFL draft, and after three years with the Fremantle Dockers, went on to play football for the Melbourne Demons, a club he stayed with for 11 years. During his professional football career, he won the Melbourne Football Club’s Best and Fairest count and achieved All-Australian selection. He is now a life member of the club.

Jeff still has strong ties to the AFL, and is the current ruck coach for the Gold Coast Football Club. When Jeff retired from being a professional footballer, he needed to find a new passion and the internet was it.

Having been consumed with the internet and social media since his retirement, Jeff’s passion lead him to establishing White Echo, where he now helps both individuals and brands establish their presence online.

When not attached to an Apple device, Jeff enjoys jet-skiing, watching footy and his Gold Coast Tweet Club.


Sandi Sieger General Manager

Sandi comes to the White Echo team with a strong background in writing and editing – and with a huge passion for social media.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts (Cinema Studies and Cultural Studies) at Melbourne University, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Media Production from RMIT University, she spent time building her freelance writing portfolio, as well as taking up the position of Editor at a Sydney-based publication.

In 2009, she founded Onya Magazine where she still holds the title of Director and Editor-In-Chief.

When not writing, editing or fiddling with her camera, Sandi can be found coordinating a youth program named Camp Awakenings, cooking, reading, enjoying live music, watching films and laughing with friends.

Sandi is never too far from her iPhone, Canon EOS or MacBook Pro.


Hamish Jones Social Media Consultant

Hamish spends every day working immersed in communications. He specialises in helping put the right communications tool in a customers had and he also helps different businesses tailor their messages every day. He specialises in digital strategy because many of the tactics can easily be tracked to measure success.

Hamish works across industries with businesses of all sizes- from home based business owners through to multi-office businesses across Australia.

Hamish loves playing with the latest websites and apps- he loves social media and is a big believer in the future of engagement as a marketing tool. Two way communication is the future of business success.

Hamish has a Master of Arts (Communications) from Deakin University. He is in an ongoing battle for the Mayoralty of his local café on Foursquare, he likes to study sporting teams and fan engagement, and he could not live without his new iMac.

Stephanie Crawford Editor

Stephanie is a Melbourne based writer. Stephanie has always lived a passionate life. She has always maintained an eagerness to accomplish plenty. Over the years she has learnt to live with an over active mind, a mind which constantly fills with ideas and opinions.

Stephanie has completed a business marketing degree. She loved university life. Upon completing her studies she was eager to accept a marketing graduate position with the largest oil company in the world, Exxon Mobil.

It was following the birth of her children that she realised she was destined to pursue her desire to be a writer. The rest as they say is history. As fate would have it, she jumped at the opportunity to purchase, in partnership, the gorgeous and inspiring online magazine MAEVE. Stephanie is now the magazine’s Editor.

In recent years Stephanie has become very interested in the explosion of social media. She is intrigued by its power, how it has changed and continues to change how people communicate and connect. Stephanie counts her lucky stars everyday that she finds herself in the privileged position of living her dreams, where her work never feels like work.

Samantha Charlton Social Media Consultant

Many of Samantha’s thoughts in a day revolve around sport, the others are taken up by business, brewing up random adventures, food and wondering what her crazy friends are doing.

For the past 20 years Samantha has been supporting the Melbourne Tigers Basketball Club. For the past two NBL Seasons she has been working with them in a bid to raise their profile at public events, such as the Australian Open Tennis, various fundraisers and online, through YouTube and Twitter. For the 2010/11 Season she was Corey “Homicide” Williams’ personal assistant. Samantha also has her own business in which she pursues Promotions and Events.

Samantha is equipped with an Exercise Science Degree (with eight units of Health Promotion) and a Journalism Diploma. However, she is passionate that most learning comes from life experiences and interaction.

When not tweeting, she enjoys riding her horses, going dancing with friends and listening to Australian Hip Hop. She often has a video camera attached to her hand to capture the stories, for blogging purposes and solid entertainment for friends! Three things Samantha couldn’t live without, besides food, are her iPhone, her car and her puppy dog, Rolo.

What our clients think

“Whenever I’ve needed advice or assistance with social media, I’ve called on White Echo for help, and I’ve never been disappointed with their work. The team at White Echo really know how to best use all the social media platforms out there, and they also stay up to date with the latest trends, so I always feel ahead of the pack. The White Echo team are always friendly and they are always available to catch up – in person and online. They’ve inspired me to engage with social media and have provided me with the tools and education to do so. ” Karmichael Hunt